It Came from Somewhere Else (1988)

What the *(BLEEP)* did I just watch?????

There are no words to describe this film.  Seriously.

We’ve got grainy black and white nonsense about aliens visiting the small Canadian town of Grand Bosh (really Dresser, Wisconsin, but I can understand why no one wanted to admit it), which somehow drags in all sorts of strange things, from spontaneously combusting cows, to Kung Fu aliens – and even a throwaway line about how the aliens “don’t need no steenking badges!”

Hoo boy.

It’s not so much that It Came from Somewhere Else “borrows” from or parodies Fifties Sci Fi films.  Nor do they merely throw in a few shots at Sixties SF and Horror films.  No, there are sorts of absurd things going on here, and who knows where the hell most of them came from.

There’s the town doctor, most of  whose patients seem to die.  Or spontaneously combust.  There is the local garage guy who waters the gasoline, leading to one particularly absurd sight gag.  There is the Sheriff and his Deputy who are so hysterically awful that they’re overpaid even if they’re working for free.  We have “The Department of Bureaucracy” hard at work in Washington, a plan to deal with the alien menace so secret that no one wants to let the President know, and an absurd Fail -Safe moment during a call to the Kremlin.

There are those inexplicable hands growing in the garden, the Mayor wondering if the local Elementary School can join the local garage owner in getting paid by the Feds for storing “New Clear” waste, and a completely gratuitous strip tease in living color (as are the copious flows of blood spurting throughout the film).

Add to this the truly threadbare production values, the absurd so-called effects and the incomprehensible plot.

It’s as if Howard Hassler and the idiots who made this film just threw in everything they could think of that was funny, whether it fit or not.  This is a crazy mess of a film that is going half a dozen directions at once and seems to think it has to offer us as many contradictory explanations for what’s going on as it can think of at any given moment.

And the worst of it?  This insane clown-car train wreck of a movie is constantly funny, imaginative and unpredictable.  It’s loads more fun than most movies out there – in some sort of bizarre and unimaginable way.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go watch it all ready.

I’m sure the brain damage it causes won’t be permanent.



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