The Day It Came to Earth (1977)

A mysterious object, a little like a meteor, crashes to Earth and brings the body of a dead gangster back to life.

Or something like that.

This one is, despite the date, set in the Fifties and is supposed to be an homage to the Fifties Sci Fi and horror films.  It really isn’t quite sure what it wants to be, I suspect, as a lot of the running time is devoted to a “kids in a haunted house” sequence that doesn’t quite fit in with the mysterious meteoroid and its strange effects.  Nor does anything much make sense about that meteor, other than that it is weird and does whatever the plot requires.

For all the talk about the monster being manipulated by an alien intelligence, it mostly seems to lumber around like Lon Chaney, Jr. in one of the Mummy sequels, trying to find its scroll…I mean, all the chunks of the meteoroid.  I suppose it acts as intelligently as anyone else in the film.

That wouldn’t be hard.

The only notable face is minor comic actor George Gobel as the usual, Fifties-style professor who is an expert on anything the script requires.  The only memorable scene is the one where the girl necking with one of the heroes by the lake is clearly hot to trot, but the boy isn’t ready.  And it really isn’t that memorable.

Oh, well.  At least it’s better than The Alien Dead, even if it does seem to be the same meteoroid at work.  Or maybe it’s version 1.0, before they added the “infects the people it attacks” feature.

There are a lot better Fifties homages out there.  Watch Christopher R. Mihm‘s films instead.  Or watch It Came from Outer Space.  Or read a good SF book.  By Asimov.  Or Ray Bradbury.

You get the idea.



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