Displacement (2016)

I have to confess that I have a weakness for clever, time-twisting thrillers, particularly when they manage to conceal the underlying truth of the situation and only let their secrets out a few at a time.

Case in point:  Displacement.  Here we have an impressive Indie about a young physicist, Cassie Sinclair, who wakes up in a bathtub full of ice with no idea of how she got there, and then finds the dead body of her boyfriend in the next room.

Only to have him appear, very much alive, a few moments later.

Before long we find ourselves immersed in a rush of inexplicable events, as Cassie finds herself jumping randomly back through past events.  Mysterious strangers pursue her, she is drugged, held prisoner, forced to undergo electroshock therapy and questioned.  She soon learns, as more and more people end up dead, that she can’t trust those closest to her.  He only chance is to unravel the quantum entanglement that has trapped her in this closed time-like curve, which has something to do with her College physics thesis.  If she fails, it could mean that all of reality will unravel.

Unfortunately, the final pages of her notes are missing.

A number of reviewers have complained that Displacement spends too much time talking about Quantum Mechanics.  That wasn’t my impression:  they manage to present a complex set of ideas quite effectively.  I never found myself getting impatient, even though most of that discussion was familiar for me.

But what’s more important in a film of this kind is that all the pieces seem to fit – even  though Kenneth Mader’s script is dense and thoroughly convoluted.  While Kenneth has written and directed a number of short films, his only other full-length film was a cheap creature feature seventeen years ago which has an abysmally low user rating on IMDB.  Obviously a lot has happened since then!

And, we should note, his cast is solid and turns in an excellent set of performances.

I do find it somewhat amusing, after joking that Love & Teleportation was very much like the Lifetime network version of a time-travel movie,  to learn that Displacement did in fact premier on Lifetime.  It seems too hard-edged a movie to fit in there, even with a female protagonist .

But wherever it is running it is still worth a look, particularly for those of us looking for yet another good time travel film.

(My thanks to PMG/Platform Media Group for providing a screener.  To learn where you can see the film, visit their website here)



One thought on “Displacement (2016)

  1. Just came across this post, and had to say thanks. I’m excited to find a time travel film that I haven’t seen! Especially one that pays attention to the science of it. I’ll have to look this up. 😊


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