Johnny Mnemonic (1995)

This is another film that generally gets a bad rap which I quite like.

It is an adaptation of the short story by William Gibson, and Gibson himself wrote the screenplay, bringing in elements from some of his other books.

We’re talking about a film which is set in a detailed Cyberpunk world, filled with a lot of clever SF concepts and driven by a strong, propulsive plot.

Particularly fascinating is the wild sequence in which Johnny enters the Matrix (Gibson’s Cyberspace) so he can hack his own brain with the help of a Dolphin hacker.  And yes, we mean an aquatic mammal.  In a tank.  Wired into the Matrix.

You gotta admit that’s at least a little cool.

Okay, Keanu Reeves gives a somewhat blank performance, but that is basically a redundant statement.  He does an adequate job here, which is all one can ask for in a wild chase of a movie, where corporate headhunters are out to get him.


However, one does have to note that his 160 Gigs of brain storage seems quite small these days.  You could load it all on an external drive slightly bigger than a deck of playing cards.

I guess that detail aged even worse than the film’s digital effects.  But that’s the way in goes in Cyberspace.


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