Robot Holocaust (1986)

Once again, we’re back to the land of the MST3K, for what has to be one of the most threadbare post-Apocalyptic movies ever made.  After all, it’s set in New York City, with the famous skyline still intact behind all the ruined buildings where everything else takes place.  And, yes, that includes the World Trade Center!

At any rate, there’s a powerful evil overlord, complete with lots of heavy breathing; some sort of back story about robots conquering the planet; sword and sorcery movie barbarians getting into sword fights with clumsy robots; the most annoying robot sidekick ever (and I do mean “ever”); deadly, bucktoothed sockpuppets; a super-sexy female villainess, who sounds like she’s trying to cover up her Bronx accent with a phony foreign one, but is too lazy to try particularly hard at it; man-hating Amazon warriors; and, of course, the pleasure booth where the villain rewards his henchmen with sexy fantasies involving naked people and Radio Shack plasma balls.

It’s awful, but it is an interesting awful, all in all, with enough bizarre and inexplicable bits to carry you through the general lassitude of the production.  I keep finding myself wondering how in the heck this thing got made.

There has to be some explanation.



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