Battle of the Damned (2013)

Okay, you’ve got Dolph Lundgren fighting fast zombies (victims of a 28 Days Later-style rage virus), trying to get a tiny band of survivors through the streets of an infested city to safety before it is firebombed.

Oh, and he recruits a set of killer robots to help him fight his way through.

You already know what to expect here.  It’s a reasonably entertaining niche genre film, with plenty of splattering zombies (particularly when the robots go to work).  It is just good enough to make you forget just how familiar all this is, without really bringing much of anything new to the party.  Oh, and it has robots.

If the robots look familiar, it is because the director, Christopher Hatton, borrowed them from his last film, Robotropolis.  There’s even a quick reference to how they went berserk in that film.  However, they make one hell of entrance here, hacking their way through an army of zombies, totally unconcerned with the all the blood splattered over them.

Dolph may look mummified, but he can still handle the action with brutal grace.  There is just enough plot to hold it all together, and, oh, yeah, there are robots.

If it sounds like something you’d enjoy, you probably will, despite its flaws.

After all, it has robots fighting zombies.



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