Galaxy (1986)

(AKA Battle for the Lost Planet, Galaxy Destroyer)

Brett Piper‘s second feature is a huge improvement over his first.

Well, mostly.  It doesn’t have as many stop motion monsters.  And that is, of course, what we really want to see in one of his films:  lots of monsters.

But don’t worry.  They’re in there, along with some interesting alien monster make-up and a few so-so mutants.

This one is about a thief named Harry Trent, who steals the secret of a new weapon just as an alien invasion starts, but thanks to a malfunction in the spaceship he stole, he gets stuck in space for five years.  However, when he returns to the (now) post-Apocalyptic Earth, he finds that everyone expects him to save them from the aliens.

So we get the usual voyage through the devastated new world where the hero meets up with various groups of survivors before taking on the alien invaders.

Okay, it is mostly familiar and doesn’t mark out any real new territory, but it is an entertaining little B-movie with a few moments that shine.

Far more important are the vast technical improvements Brett made since his first feature.  This one sounds professional, and the acting has clearly improved.   The spaceship effects, while miles better than those in Mysterious Planet, still need work, particularly the blaster effects.  Nor do they seem to move quite right.  His models are far better this time around, but one only has to look at his anthology film Shock-O-Rama) to see how much better they should have looked.

Brett has since made better films, but this one is still good cheesy fun.  Which is what we expect from the King of the B Monster movies.

And it even has the world’s coolest Ford Pinto.

Yes, I know that sounds like an oxymoron.


3 thoughts on “Galaxy (1986)

  1. I just did a scan update for my local channels and discovered a couple of new channels. Turned to 40-2. It’s called the “Comet” channel. This movie titled “Galaxy” is playing right now. I was immediately interested and I’m watching it right now. I’ve never heard of this movie. Next in line on this channel is “Mutant War” followed by “The Bat”. I may not get any housework done for the rest of the day! Haha. Thanks for your post.


    1. Yep. Sounds like an all-day Marathon! Thanks for the kind words. I’m Glad I could help you waste your time appropriately. And keep an eye out for Brett Piper’s other films — they are all worth a look!


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