Nightbeast (1982)

This was the second of Don Dohler‘s four science fiction films, and it is perhaps the best of them, although it still suffers the sorts of problems that come with making a film on next to nothing with an amateur crew.

It is, in many respects, almost a remake of The Alien Factor, although with only a single monster this time around.  But, as in the last film, a spaceship crash sets this murderous alien loose.  However, this time there is no expert around to tell them how to kill it.

What makes this one a touch stranger is that, not only does most of his original cast appear again, they are playing the same parts.  Even the ones who died.  Nor does anyone mention anything about how much this was like that other time a spaceship crashed, nor does anyone note, “Steven got killed the same way four years ago”, or “The Mayor got strangled again???”.

This time Don has considerably increased the gore, with guts being torn out, limbs severed and talk of the monster (which is smart enough to use laser guns and fly a spaceship) being drawn back to the scene of his last massacre by the smell of all his leftovers (yum, yum!)

Dohler also adds some nudity and what has to be the least passionate sudden explosion of passion ever put on film.  Which, mind you, is supposed to be taking place not far from the last set of murders.  You’d think that would ruin the mood.

However, the creature is well done, and the flashing disco light style effects of the raygun in the early scenes are a nice addition.

But what is even more important is the incredible improvement in the sound quality.  That alone is a huge advance, regardless of the many other improvements and refinements he made.

But, let’s face it, that passionate rawness of the original has faded this time around, nor are the small artistic moments there, either.

Even a character getting quick fried into a crispy corpse doesn’t change that.

It may not be as compelling as his technically inferior first film, but it still remains an interesting zero-budget film that more than delivers on what was put into it.  Don’t watch it expecting perfection.  If you do expect perfection, then you should just find something else to watch.

Preferably something bland and Hollywood.

One thought on “Nightbeast (1982)

  1. Damn! I don’t think I’ve seen this one! Thanks for the review! I’m afraid I still have to wait for a couple of years or so for my blog to catch up with the eighties ….


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