Violet City (2015)

Sometimes the word “strange” gets stretched so far it no longer seems to fit. Which is clearly the case here. Some people have compared Violet City to Sin City, but that really doesn’t convey quite the right idea.  Yes, both use strong black and white imagery with bursts of color, and heavily stylized backgrounds that aren’t […]

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Random Quest (2006)

Back in 2004, BBC 4 was so impressed by the success of the new Doctor Who that they commissioned a live remake of The Quatermass Experiment.  Its modest success led them to remake the classic BBC serial, A for Andromeda, the next year and this film in 2006. I’m not sure what the first two films […]

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Blood Red Planet (2000)

It’s the Polonia brothers, one more time! This one, oddly enough, is amazingly close to being halfway decent.  Yeah, I know how unlikely that sounds, particularly when we are talking about a production which is as relentlessly cheap as anything they’ve made (who knew that astronauts would wear dust masks with an added button and a […]

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John Dies at the End (2012)

Actually, he dies in the middle. “Solving the following riddle will reveal the awful secret behind the universe, assuming you do not go utterly mad in the attempt. If you already happen to know the awful secret behind the universe, feel free to skip ahead.” It’s really fairly simple: an apparently intelligent drug known as […]

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The Incredible Melting Man (1977)

Somehow, a quick description of this one would sound a lot like The Quatermass Experiment. We’ve got the astronaut who’s the only survivor from a space mission to the rings of Saturn.  The other members of his crew died, and he’s suffering from a horrendous condition which is causing horrible changes to his body. But that’s […]

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The Lost Missile (1958)

This is a fairly typical, mid-range product of the paranoid climate of the late Fifties. A mysterious spaceship – which apparently came from outer space – dives into Earth’s atmosphere at about Mach 6, leaving a five-mile wide path of destruction in its wake.  Naturally, it’s headed for New York. While this one has been […]

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The Weapon (2000)

This one was made near Pittsburgh for a reported two thousand dollars. Matt Kambic wrote and directed and it would be a challenge to count all the people in the credits named “Kambic”.  There are a lot of them. In fact, about two-thirds of the people in the credits have one of four or five […]

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Arachnicide (2014)

Right. What we’ve got here is your basic soldiers vs. giant spiders movie, with lots and lots and lots of digital spiders, plenty of splattering blood and bug guts, and ammo that only runs out when the plot needs it. What’s interesting about it is not that these spiders are the unfortunately by-product of a scientific […]

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After Death (2012)

As I watched this film and Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel back to back, I found myself thinking about a number of other rather similar unique films such as Earthbound, The Search for Simon, and The World’s End, and realized that the UK seems to have given birth to a new sub-genre of SF films. It has nothing […]

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