Dolcezza Extrema [Sick Sock Monsters From Outer Space] (2015)

Sometimes you just can’t argue with a title.

Instead, one is left saying, “What the *BLEEP* is that????”

Or words to that effect.

We already know we’re in trouble when someone says “science fiction movie” and sock puppets in the same sentence.  This particular piece of insanity is far stranger than it sounds.  It came from Italy and the crazed minds of director Alberto Genovese and writer Massimo Vavassori, although it has come to the U.S. under the sponsorship of the kings of trashy film, Troma (after suffering through Cyxork 7 and Rock N’Roll Space Patrol, it is nice to see them justifying their existence for once).

The plot, such as it is, involves a former rock n’roll radical and pirate, forced by the evil dictator to deliver tanning beds across the Galaxy, with the expected and by now rather threadbare theme of saving the world through the magic of drugs and Rock n’ Roll.  Ho hum.  Truly radical.

Okay, the sex is in there, too, but it’s hard to say whether it’s salvific or not.

But, of course, in a psychedelic hodgepodge like this, who cares about plot?  Instead, we are barraged with incredible imagery, from atmospheric CGI backgrounds and starscapes, to the ever present sock puppets, who appear to have been thrown together from whatever junk they had lying about.  Then throw in an exploding body builder, sinister hooded figures with red eyes, and a bodyless face and whatever other nonsense they could think of.

This isn’t a great film.  Instead it’s something you experience, letting it wash over you without worrying too much about useless baggage like logic or coherence.  It’s wild and stupid, and you just have to accept it for what it is.

Which is admittedly kinda cool.

In a wild, stupid, illogical, incoherent, psychedelic, insane, WTF sort of way.



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