Flash Gordon Classic (2015)

This won’t take long.  Under four minutes, in fact. But, oh, what Robb Pratt manages to do in that four minutes! Pratt is a curious one-man band phenomenon, a master of hand-drawn animation who has made a series of deliriously brilliant short animated fan films, starting with Superman Classic. Here he created a stunning short which is […]

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Shin Godzilla [Shin Gojira] (2016)

(AKA,  Godzilla Resurgence, New Godzilla, True Godzilla, God Godzilla) This one was not at all what I was expecting – even though I already knew one of the film’s major secrets. It’s been twelve years since Toho made the “last” Godzilla movie, Godzilla Final Wars.  The only other Toho Godzilla project (other than his brief, comic cameo in Always Sunset On […]

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Allegiant (2016)

Allegiant does something truly unimaginable:  it offers a more or less plausible explanation for the Faction system in the Divergent series. Of course, on the downside of that, it is part one of an adaptation of the final novel of the YA series, with a final film yet to come.  Sigh.  Okay, okay.  You had to […]

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The Vanishing Shadow (1934)

My Dad grew up during the Great Depression and he fondly remembered going to the local theaters for the Saturday morning matinees, where they’d always show two pictures, a few shorts or newsreels, and of course, a chapter of a serial. These were sort of the precursor of television:  cheap, quickly made, and churned out […]

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April and the Extraordinary World [Avril et le monde truqué] (2015)

Tres magnifique! (Which is French for “Whooo Hooo!”) Not long ago I stumbled across an absolutely brilliant graphic novel entitled The Arctic Marauder by French cartoonist Jacques Tardi.  It might best be described as a seriously demented version of a lost Jules Verne novel, filled with eccentric characters, incredible steam-powered inventions, and a gleefully convoluted […]

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Dororo (2007)

Honorable Mention: It might seem strange to find a wacky Chanbara fantasy epic here, one in which the hero had his body stolen at birth and is now trying to track down the 48 demons responsible, so he can kill them and get his organs back. And, I should note that it makes no bones […]

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