The New Barbarians [I nuovi barbari] (1983)

(Aka, Warriors of the Wasteland, Metropolis 2000)

This is, of course, yet another post-apocalyptic Italian Road Warrior copy from the Eighties.

Which does, yes, go a long way towards summing it up.

For most of its running time, it is one of the better examples of the breed, with a gang of white clad motorized barbarians who call themselves the Templars murdering everyone they encounter because they believe they’ve been called to complete the destruction of mankind started by the atom bomb.  They run around in their customized war cars, which, naturally, are loaded with James Bond-ian gimmicks like cannon hidden under the hood, or whirling blades that pop out of their sides.  And the hero drives a car which, while a lot cooler, also has its share of cool gadgets – including machine guns, a pop-up missile launcher in the trunk, and, of course, the door you can eject off the car and have it land thirty or forty feet away.

But then they go and ruin what had been a silly but fun bad-ish movie with something truly ugly that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.


So ignore this one and watch 2019: After the Fall of New York instead.  Or any of the Mad Max movies.  Or read a good book.

You get the idea.

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