Yak [The Giant King] (2012)

(aka, The Robot King) Apparently, Americans are idiots. Or at least that’s the impression one gets from our film industry. Case in point: Yak, an animated version of the Indian classic, the Ramayana, filmed in Thailand. There are in fact two separate English language versions of this film, the second of which was made for the […]

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Survivor (2014)

There’s not a lot to say about this one. It’s yet another direct to video effort, with Kevin Sorbo in his increasingly familiar role as the wise and avuncular Captain, although looking a lot more tired than he used to (am I the only one who’s noticed that he’s starting to look a lot like […]

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Shockwave Darkside (2014)

(Warning:  Spoilers ahead!) There is this little fantasy that every once in a while we hear some physicist repeating. You know the one I mean, where they talk about finding the Unified Field equation – that sentence-long bit of math which supposedly sums up the entire universe – and then showing it to a bunch […]

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10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

It’s hard to write about this one. Part of the problem is that it is deliberately structured as a bit of a shaggy dog story – but at the same time it isn’t shy about telling us that. Of course, the title – and J.J. Abrams’ publicity leading up to its release – suggests that […]

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Carnosaur 2 (1995)

This is not a great movie.  Let’s get that out of the way right away. Of course, the names “New Horizons” and “Roger Corman” do more or less guarantee that, at least when they show up on the same film together. I watched this with a friend who absolutely had to see “2” after seeing […]

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Carnosaur (1993)

We’ve seen it all before. Not that that means it’s bad. In fact, Carnosaur, in its own low budget way is as agreeably strange a dinosaur on the loose movie as anyone has ever made.  Roger Corman made this as his answer to Jurassic Park and it is the sort of answer that leaves you wondering […]

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Tremors 5: Bloodlines (2015)

More of the same. After three entertaining direct-to-video sequels and a brief SciFi Network TV series, that’s pretty much what one comes to expect from a Tremors movie.  And Tremors 5 does in fact deliver just that. As usual, the glue holding it all together is Michael Gross’ performance as Burt Gummer (it gets harder […]

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