Lost in the Pacific (2016)

If it weren’t for all the hype about it being China’s first feature film in English, Lost in the Pacific would look like nothing more than yet another SyFy monster movie of the week.  One suspects that it will probably end up on SyFy, billed as yet another SyFy original before long.  That is, after all, where this type of movie goes to die.

Again, if it weren’t for all the hype about the “groundbreaking 3-D” effects created by someone who worked on The Italian Job and Star Trek, one might be inclined to think that their one glimpse of the future world of 2020 was far too bright, and almost completely lacking in any kind of detail, like a quick sketch of a fancy airport rather than a real one.

And there is something terribly strange in the fact that just two years earlier, its director, Vincent Zhou made another film about people on a storm tossed jetliner being killed by yet another mutant version of the very same house pet that plagues the characters in this film.

As it is in English, we do, of course, have Brandon “Superman” Routh in a surprisingly geeky turn as an enthusiastic – if not necessarily skilled – apprentice Chef who is…

Ah, but wouldn’t it be a spoiler if I told you he was ex-special forces, just like every chef, janitor, and ice cream guy in the movies?

Oh, you’d guessed that.

To be fair, it is far better than most of those SyFy creature features – it even has a few unexpected twists, including one absolutely insane sequence near the end involving a forced landing.  Mind you, no one could ever pay ME enough that I’d insist at gunpoint on such a landing.  But, hey, no one ever said character matters in these things, either.

Oh well.  It isn’t groundbreaking.  It is mostly familiar.

But what the hey, it could be worse.


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