Neon City (1991)

It’s Stagecoach, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

But then, we knew that already.

It’s rather nice to see Michael Ironside in one of his rare, non-villain roles, although he is playing a tough, bad ass, anti-hero type hero instead.  Well, what do you expect in a post-apocalyptic film, Mr. Rogers?

Actually, when you think about it, that could be kind of interesting…

Any rate, you know the story.  It’s Stagecoach, remember?  A disparate group of people travel across a hostile wilderness in a stagecoach (yes, we know it’s a bus), most of them aren’t what they seem to be, and the Indians…ummm, “Skins” are on the warpath.

Despite this, Neon City is one of the better entries in the long line of Mad Max rip-offs of the Nineties, with a good cast (perhaps the most interesting being Richard Sanders, WKRP in Cincinnati’s Les Nessman, as a very unfunny stand-up comic), some reasonably good action, and a little more intelligence than most of these films have.  Certainly, they’ve done more thinking about their science fictional background than a dozen of these films: the idea of a “bright” – a deadly atmospheric lens caused, rainbow-like, by particles in the air – is particularly good.  And entirely plausible.

Okay, it isn’t Mad Max.

But it’ll do, if you aren’t too fussy.



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