Peacemaker (1990)

An unstoppable being arrives in a big city and pursues another new arrival with a great deal of gunfire and violence.

Sound vaguely familiar?

It might be The Terminator – or, let’s face it, any one of countless other copies from the nineties.

In this case, the visitors are from another world, not the future – and both of them claim to be some sort of policeman – a “Peacemaker” who is trying to catch an escaped alien criminal from back home.  Admittedly, neither one is a robot, but both of them can regenerate their injuries with incredible speed, if you give them a few quiet moments.  Like being laid out in a morgue drawer.

The question of which one is the good guy does make this one more interesting than most of the direct-to-video rip-offs – although it does turn out to be… the cute one.

Oops, I mean, the one who seemed like the good guy from the first.  Who, of course, has to be the cute one.  We’ve seen enough of these to know how it works.

Any rate, you get a few quick shots of the alien ship, a stop-motion sequence when one of the two regenerates his lost hand, and what looks like Brendan Fraser’s haircut, circa Darkly Noon.

I suspect, however, that it may have set a record for most fireworks hidden in the big light-up sign on the side of a building.  You have to wonder why people keep leaving them there – and why it’s always the ones where the words run down the side of the building.  And why they only go off when someone crashes into them.

Must be some California thing.

Or, in other words, nothing special…but then it isn’t terrible either.

(movie available here)


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