Aziris nuna (2006)

I’m not quite sure what to make of Aziris nuna.  All I really know is that I enjoyed it. An archaeologist learns that an ancient Egyptian stone head at his museum has cracked, revealing something metal inside.  He’s obsessed by stories of ancient aliens, so naturally he suspects that it is a spaceship. His two sons […]

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The Anomaly (2014)

Not long ago I reviewed a movie directed by Stargate Atlantis Alumnus David Hewlett.  This time, it’s a film directed by former Doctor Who companion Noel Clarke.  Somehow a lot of actors who’ve done extensive work in the world of SF seem drawn to the genre and end up writing, directing or producing more SF. […]

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Eternity (2013)

Eternity reflects two of the major factors that are shaping the future of Science Fiction on film:  the upsurge in small truly independent films made with minimal pressure from the powers-that-be in the film industry; and the increasing availability – and affordability – of CGI effects. A young policeman takes part in an experiment where his consciousness […]

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Thru the Moebius Strip (2005)

This was one of my greatest frustrations back in the Nothings.  And not because of any part of the film itself.  After all, I hadn’t seen it. But I had seen a wonderfully insane trailer, full of spaceships, creatures, strange worlds and what looked like a vast fleet of sailing vessels flying into battle. At the […]

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The Last Dinosaur (1977)

This has always been one of my favorite dinosaur movies. Yes, it’s cheesy.  We know that.  The T-Rex here has to be the worst screen dinosaur ever (how can it eat anything when there is no opening into its throat inside its mouth?), and the shot of a boulder bouncing off its head is so […]

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