Robot Bastard! (2002)

“Here we go again…”

Who needs a multi-million dollar budget?

For a mere $18,000, comics artist Rob Schrab and a bunch of his friends created this insane little short, repurposing whatever trash they could find to create a film with its own distinctive look:  think what you’d get if you took the future world imagined in a 1950s Sci Fi playset and created it using corrugated cardboard…

And left the raw edges visible everywhere.

The story is, of course, both simple and familiar.  The indestructible but weary agent Robot gets sent on yet another mission, to rescue the President’s daughter and stop Black Mamba at all costs.

Of course, it’s all an excuse for lovely shots of (slightly irregular) spaceships and space stations in fluorescent colors, gooey exploding zombies, neat little stop motion bits, cool weapons and, of course, the requisite last minute plot twist.

The film has a wild, unpredictable edge to it, with non-stop action and some very clever comedy.  It is rare to find many science fiction films these days that take such a radical anti-realist stance – or which offer such a rich visual look.  Somehow one wishes that mainstream SF films would create something that dared look like this.

Oh, well.  Guess we’ll just have to settle for (yet more) anguished teens.

Flaming bird suits optional.

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