Fish Story [Fisshu sutôrî] (2009)

Drawing lines is always hard.

But a movie in which heroic astronauts seek to blow up a comet with a barrage of missiles has to be Science Fiction, right?

Well, not necessarily.  But it would be a terrible shame if you didn’t watch Fish Story because it might not be SF.

It starts in a music store in 2012 with a comet about to hit the Earth, and the record store owner talking about how the song “Fish Story” by an obscure pioneering punk rock band can save the earth – and the band of five heroes who will rise up to save us all.

And then we’re off, to the 1980s, where a group of young men go out on a date with some college girls, to 1999, where a Nostradamus cult plans to survive the imminent end of the world, and to 2009, where a young girl falls asleep and fails to get off the ferry at the right port.  Along the way we learn how the song came to be back in 1975, take a brief pot shot at Bruce Willis and a certain overblown SF film from 1998, and uncover the real meaning of those inexplicable lyrics:  “This is the story of my solitude, if my solitude was a fish”.

But the best moment comes at the very end, when we finally see how this wild assortment of miss-matched pieces all fit together

In other words:  Wow.  Incredible, beautiful, brilliant, constantly surprising, all in all a wondrous tweak on Michael’s Bay’s overweight actioner.

But if I said it was science fiction, that would probably be a fish story.

(movie available here.)




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