Redline (2009)

“A film that defies all logic!”

It would be tempting to describe Redline as a throwback, but it isn’t as if anyone ever made a film like it before.  Not ever.

An eight-year labor of love, Redline is entirely hand drawn.  No CGI.  Not anywhere.

Which is rare enough in our day and age, but Redline also features lots and lots of intricately detailed vehicles, with a near-endless supply of working parts.

One might be tempted to describe it as little more than a movie version of the old Hanna Barbera wacky racers shows, but that’s like comparing Prime Rib with a McDonald’s hamburger.

Redline is the most important race in the Galaxy!  And the most dangerous!  Only the best drivers can even hope to compete one day!  And the only rule is that there are no rules!

And if the thought of heavily armed monster racecars driven by a gang of ruthless narcissists (each with his own themesong!) isn’t enough to stir the viewer, then this year, let’s stage the race on Roboworld, home of an insane military dictatorship which has vowed to put an end to the Redline!

Somehow, it seems that they’ve managed to cram in every conceivable anime trope from magic wielding princesses, to cyborgs, bounty hunters, martial arts, aliens of all shapes and sizes, gangsters,cars that transform into robots and, of course, the awe-inspiring Funky Boy, who appears to have wandered in unnoticed from Akira.

It only seems fitting that in the midst of all this insanity, a sweet and decidedly old fashioned romance between two the drivers takes center stage – and that it all ends with a classic, Hollywood-style happy ending.

Ah, yes.  Bold, hyperactive, violent, non-stop, totally bonkers, intense, almost painfully colorful – and sweetly romantic.

What more could anyone ask of a movie?

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