Detention (2011)

Poor Riley. It isn’t easy being a suicidal teen-aged girl, not when you have to deal with all the usual problems modern teens face – bullying, unrequited love, body swapping, time travel, alien bears, a star football player with fly blood, and a copycat serial killer calling himself “Cinderhella”.

There is a constant inventiveness to this film, from the credits posted randomly throughout the school (even spelled out in the alphabits letters someone has just thrown up), to the hysterically awful explanation of how to be the most popular girl in school that opens the film (seconds before the most popular girl is murdered mid-explanation).  Add to this an insanely twisted time-travelling plot, references to a slew of SF films, and yes, even a meta fictional bottomless pit, when the fictional film they are watching references another film those characters are watching, in which they are watching yet another film…

Detention’s distributor marketed it as a slasher flick despite its wild conceptual stew of Science Fiction ideas. But this isn’t that hard to believe when a film dares to go in so many unique directions at once and keeps finding new ways to surprise the audience.

Well, except the bit about Canadians really being emotionless plant people from outer space. We already knew that.


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