Big Meat Eater (1982)

“Pleased to meet you, Meat to please you.”

Meet Bob Sanderson, the bouncy, upbeat, butcher of Burquitlam (“a zero not a hero“), who sings and dances his way through this delightfully odd Canadian musical.

His new assistant is a monstrous, murderous Turk named Abdullah, aliens have turned the murdered mayor into a zombie with an egg beater hand for a weapon – and they’re after the meat scraps in Bob’s septic tank because they’ve turned into pure Bolonium fuel – and the teenager who lives over the shop just converted a stolen Cadillac into a spaceship. All in all, an average day in a sleepy little Canadian town.

Obviously, this isn’t to everyone’s tastes.  It is dead pan silly, and unafraid to go into some very strange territory, the kind of film that only gets made courtesy of some hefty government subsidies.

Who knew that alien invaders could be played so effectively by wind-up toy robots?

(The movie is available here)

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