Acción mutante (1993)

If this movie offends you, it’ll probably tell you to go cry to your mom.  And maybe beat you up for your lunch money.

But then, what else can we expect from a film about a revolutionary front composed entirely of freaks, mutants and the handicapped?

Nor does it help that they must be the most impossibly inept revolutionaries ever:  moments after the opening credits have introduced them one by one, most of them are dead, accidentally slain by members of their own gang.  No wonder their leader plans to kill them for the reward.

All in all, an exercise in bad taste, violence, gore and handicapped jokes, with a monstrous mutant pet cat thing, a Siamese twin who ends up dragging his brother’s preserved body around after him, a planet full of miners who haven’t seen a woman for years, and a kidnapped heiress with the most enthusiastic case of the Stockholm syndrome since Patty Hearst.  It is also quite funny.

Just don’t run it anywhere near anyone who’s easily offended.




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