LFO (2013)


That is the first word that comes to mind when one thinks of LFO.

And the second.  And the third.

A nerdy loner experimenting with sound discovers a frequency which allows him to plant hypnotic suggestions in those exposed to it.  He then decides to try it on his new neighbors in an increasingly bizarre series of experiments.

But when he gets past his dreams of sex and power, that’s when it really gets disturbing…

One wonders whether its director, Antonio Tublen, might have seen Decoder, in which corporate Muzak tapes secretly lull restaurant patrons into gluttonous contentment (until they are turned on their creators).   But it really doesn’t matter:  LFO is very much its own movie and has a terrible fascination about it that Jürgen Muschalek’s film never tries to achieve.

It does, however, offer a much needed reminder to filmmakers everywhere that one can make a compulsively watchable film within the confines of a single home.

It’s just very disturbing.



2 thoughts on “LFO (2013)

  1. I just added this to my Netflix Instant queue. I’m definitely intrigued by it… Movie set in primarily or entirely in a single claustrophobic space really fascinate me; is this a bit like that? The premise sounds interesting (and potentially disturbing) too. Isn’t it kind of weird that I haven’t recognize most of the titles I’ve seen so far on your blog? I usually recognize a title right away! 😛


    1. For another (non-SF) movie set in a “single claustrophobic space” you might want to check out FERMAT’S ROOM, a very cool little thriller with a group of people trapped in a room that is slowly getting smaller unless they can manage to solve a series of math problems.
      As far as not recognizing many of the films I’ve reviewed, I’ll admit I’m cherry-picking some of my favorite oddities and little seen films to get my project off the ground fast. I’m always on the lookout for SF films and I’m adventurous enough to try anything that sounds interesting. It’s amazing what you can turn up that way! Thanks for reading my reviews!


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