Drones (2012)

It’s Dilbert meets Independence Day!

Well, not quite.

We’ve seen a lot of office humor these days, from Office Space to The Office.  Which still does not make the idea of mixing office politics with alien invasion exactly obvious.  But then, that’s one of the things I love about independent film:  there’s always someone out there with the passion to make a film that wouldn’t survive five minutes in a Hollywood pitch meeting.

When Brian learns that his best friend and fellow drone Clark is an alien, he is only mildly freaked – and that passes pretty quickly once he’s promised a raise after the aliens take over.

But that changes when his office romance with Amy suddenly goes into high gear:  after all, she wants to take him back to her planet after her race destroys the Earth and he’s not ready to move in together.

On the whole, a marvelously droll film where the last minute plan to save the Earth involves…a power point presentation.

(Watch for the sudden revelation in the last few moments of the film of a running gag involving the water cooler)


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